The Vulcan FC-500VC flatbed cutting plotter is ideal for light to medium production and design samples.

Ideally suited for packaging boxes, tags, cards and labels.

Camera system, User friendly touch screen, Advanced contour cutting, Network interface, U-Disk function and QRcode system, make the FC-500VC special.

Perforation cut, Die cut, Kiss cut and Creasing, make your ideas come true.

Main Features

Camera System

The FC-5000VC has a high resolution camera that can actually see registration marks, even on colored and transparent materials, or if the registration marks themselves are white or light colored .
Fast scanning speed, SRA3 size, less than 3 seconds.
5mm registration marks will save paper/money.

Friendly touch screen panel

Vacuum (on/off), friendly for holding papers down (ON) and replacing papers (OFF). Move to origin, move carriage back to origin by one press, save time and exactly accurate position.
Recut, it's perfect for repeating same jobs X1/X10, to move carriage by two different speeds

Advanced feature for contour cutting

The Vulcan FC-500VC has an advanced feature
to compensate for print skew or positioning skew -effectively redrawing the artwork according to the error.
performs adjustments of size, tilt and warp for contour cutting by scanning 4 marks, it can be more precisely than other methods.

Network interface

  • It's very stable for long distance communicationt
  • To control one flatbed cutting by different computers
  • To control different flatbed cutting by one computer

USB flash memory

Save PLT files to USB flash memory, the PLT files can be output directly to the flatbed cutting by plug-in, means users to operate FC-500VC without a computer, great for batch production. 32M memory on motherboard, ensure to read and load the PLT files from USB flash memory quickly


Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.
Different colours in your design are separated according to the vinyl’s different colours. For each colour layer you can add weeding lines and select suitable registration marks or easier mounting.
With Object Management, the cut out can be controlled in details, define cutting order, cutting speed, cutting pressure, perforated cutting, number of laps and choice of tool for single/multiple objects or colour/s.
Prevents slipping of material by prefeeding material out of roll slowly and ensures accuarte and safe cutting over long distances. SignCut Pro 2 is the first software to support step-by-step cutting for both length and width.
Registration marks are used for mounting of large signs divided into tiles as well as for multiple coloured signs. It makes mounting of signs quicker and more accurate.
Allows you to simultaneously manage multiple cutting jobs with multiple cutters. This gives you the possibility to select which cutter you wish to send your work to and define specific settings for the specific work.
When the design is wider than the material width, use the Tiling tool for splitting up the design into suitable tiles. You get both manual and automatic tiling.
Export your graphic artwork through SignCut Pro 2’s export plugins. Send your work directly from Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and Inkscape to SignCut Pro 2 when it is ready to cut out.
With SignCut Pro 2 contour cutting, you can contour cut any printed graphic. It supports with and without diecut/perfcut for Summa and Roland as well as Graphtec and Saga ARMS, GCC and SkyCut contour cutting.
With SignCut Pro 2’s new subscription model, depending on which version you purchase, you can install SignCut on up to 4 computers and use it simultaneously.


Item FC-500VC FC-700VC
Configuration Digital servo system, Flatbed
Media hold-down method Vacuum suction
Maximum cutting speed 700 mm/s (10 to 700 mm/s )
Cutting pressure

Tool1: Max.5.88N(600 gf)

Tool 2: Max. 5.88 N (600 gf)

Effective cutting area 495x685mm 790x1085mm
Mountable media
(Y-axis direction)
640 940
Minimum character size 5 mm square
Mechanical resolution 0.005 mm (5µm)
Programmable resolution HP-GL: 0.025 mm
Repeatability Max 0.1mm
Standard interfaces USB2.0 (Full Speed) / U-Disk / Ethernet
Memory 32MB
Command sets HP-GL
Number of tools 3 tools
Tool types Cutter blade / Calibration tool / Creasing tool
Operating screen 4.3-inch touch LCD
Power supply 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz (Auto switching)
Power consumption Max. 150W of machine, Max.550W of (vaccum pump)
Operating environment Temperature: 10 to 35 degrees C (35 to 95 degrees F)
Humidity 35 to 75% RH (non-condensing)
External dimensions 981(Y)x977(X)x1047(H)mm 1420(Y)x1212(X)x1050(H)mm
Packaging dimensions
G.W. / N.W.
115x110x61CM (machine)
47x43x37CM (vaccum pump)
168x153x61cm (machine)
78x67x72CM (vaccum pump)
Compatible OS Windows and Mac
Warranty 2 years


FC-500VC External Dimensions