The Digital Label Cutter

  • Support multi software cutting :

System compatible : Windows xp/7/8/10
CDR/AI : Can be output directly, using the plug-in automatically generated location markers, no additional transformation import.
Strong compatibility, support CDR/AI/PS design drawing directly import, automatic contour extraction function.

The maximum cutting pressure can reach 2000g, which is the highest cutting pressure in similar labeling machines, expanding the range of cutting materials

Due to double press roller, it effectively improves the cutting area positioning mark to the edge of the medium within 5-10mm of the area, improving the production efficiency, reducing the consumption of media waste.

Offline operation of Pen drive/WiFi wireless transmission

The designer uses software to design patterns, and then copies the pattern data to the USB Pen drive. After inserting the USB Pen drive into the USB port of the cutter, the operator can directly choose the needed patterns to cut without relying on the computer.

Support multiple cutting modes, kiss-cut/full cut/dot-line cutting

Perforation cutting is carried out by controlling the cutting pressure rather than the up/down movement of the blade, which greatly increases production.

Automatic contour with camera positioning

According to the combination of media type and marking color Corresponding to color and printed marks on special media, not only monochromatic media, hologram and high-light reflection film and other special media mark camera can automatically position and read, cutting and positioning are simple, greatly improve the efficiency of printing and cutting.

Modle UC330 Ultra
Maximum media width 330mm
Max cutting width 330x 430 mm
Auto feeding quantity 150PCS
Motor Servo motor
Positioning mode CCD camera
Interface Pen drive USB/WiFi(Optional)
Power <100W
Maximum standby speed 1200mm/s
Maximum cut speed 1200mm/s
Force 2000g
Accuracy ±0.1mm
Repeat & postioning accuracy ±0.082mm
Power supply(V/A) 220V 50A
Working environment 5oC-35oC
Cuttable material All kinds of self-adhesive labels, printing graphics, etc.
OS/Software Windows XP 7/8/10 CoreIDRAW/AI Plug-in
Packing size 775*505*410(mm)
Certification CE / RoHS / FCC
Standard accessories  
Accessories Quantity
Accessories box 1
UC330 Ultra cutter 1
Power cable 1
USB cable 1
Blade 3
Plot pen/Refill 1
Blade holder 1
Cutting Matt 1