Digital Bronzing Film With Autofeed Laminating Machine


  • Automatic paper gap controller
  • Super-smoothly processed metal roller for high gloss lamination
  • Hot roller to avoid silvering (microbubble)
    High adhesion lamination
  • Sensor in the metal roller – Fast & precise temp. control.
  • GMP exclusive laminating lms for POD prints – Perfect solution for all digital prints
  • Equipped special decurler for no damage on the both side prints
  • Top & In-line perforator – Perfect bursting results Usage of eco-friendly GMP Thermalami® lm
  • Revo catting system with low level of noise : no use of air compressor

The Main Machine Parameters:

Model CFL-375
Max paper size 360mm
Maximum height of paper 30mm
Operating speed 0~10m/min
Laminating temperature 80~125OC
Total power 3 Kw
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Dimensions(LxWxH ) 1.5×0.63×1.2m
Pressure 0.1~0.5MPa
Feeding mode Automatic
Feeding Method Friction
With slitting function with
Anti-curl function with
Rolling-up after lamianting Yes