SmartCut BCC330 card cutting

  • SPEED Cuts 150 Cards in 60 Seconds

The Smartcut CC330 Business Card Cutter is a high-quality,economical solution for short-run production of full-bleed business cards postcards, photos, and more. Its rugged, compact design allows users to cut cards on demand, up to 150 business cards per 60 Secs. Featuring an intuitive LCD display, it’s easy for operators to use pre-programmed job settings or create and save up to 3 custom cuts. The Smartcut is programmed with 2 jobs to process printed sheets from 8.5” x 11” up to 13” x 19”. The infeed tray holds up to 100 sheets at a time, up to 400 gsm, and can accommodate paper weights up to 180 – 400 gsm. Using an automatic friction-feed system, the Smartcut has the ability to cut coated and uncoated paper, laminated sheets, and card stock. Its precision cutting blades are self sharpening and accurate up to +0.2mm. Its user-friendly features and space-saving design,the Smartcut is an ideal solution for print shops, small businesses, and offsett printers that need to produce small batches of cards on demand quickly & easily.

  • Auto Feeding
  • Cut from 180 GSM to 400 Gsm
  • Durable blade, it's made of steel blade.
  • Time saving and labor saving.
  • Multi-function full-automatic, it's convenient to use.
  • High Precision, reasonable structure to ensure the card is cut accurately.
  • Electronic eye induction system and microcomputer control.
  • Unique unitary design of longitudinal cutter case, fast to replace.
  • Application:
    – Business Card, Photos, Tags,
    – Postcards, Invitaion Card,
    – Template Desing : Coreldraw & Illustrator
Paper handling Min : 100mm x 100 mm – Max : 330mm x 990 mm (12 x 18” / 13 x 19” / A3 / A4 )
Paper thickness 180 gsm – 400 gsm
Paper feeding methods Double paper rubbing wheels
Cutting methods Manual
Cutting size Minimum : 250 mm x 300 mm
Maximum: 265 mm x 900 mm
Cutting speed 150 Cards in 60 Secs (Business Card)
Cross Cutting Time 1 – 90 Times ( Groove with Width 0 ~ 100 mm)
Cut position accuracy + 0.2 mm
Paper capacity Approx 100 Sheets (50 mm)
Output tray card capacity 180g/m² 90×3 (pcs), 350g/m² 70×3 (pcs)
Warranty 1 Year onsite
Weight 40 Kg
Power supply AC 220V 50 HZ, 150 W
Dimensions 61cm × 61cm × 45cm

User-friendly LCD control panel
Just enter the printed 12 x 18, 13 x 19, A3, A4 sheets, select the program and start.

Adjustable catch tray keeps cards neatly stacked
The cutted cards are stacked in an adjustable tray & are easily accessible for the operator.

Waste bin collects paper scraps
The cutted cards waste are stacked in an tray & are easily empty for the operator. The cutting waste are stored even after a high quantity of cuts.

High-capacity feeder with Two rubber feed rollers plus two auxiliary magnetic pressure wheels for consistent feeding