MKC Series - Auto Digital Printing Die-cutting Machine

The MKC series adopts an integrated loading and unloading structure to
achieve one-time feeding cutting, and receiving, which greatly saves labor
costs, improves work efficiency, an achieves rapid delivery of sales and
production; equipped with a variety of different tools to achieve the application of different materials cutting; There is no need to make knife
molds, which saves time and cost for making knife molds.


Graphtec Blade
Achieve the fast material cutting, preferred by customers with high requirements for refinement. Suitable for cutting materials like Vinyl materials, stickers, car stickers, reflective films, carboard etc.

Production Process

No need knife mould, fast cutting makes the cutting no longer cumbersome

Powerful & Mature Product Configurations

Various corrugated board, Plastic board, Yellow cardboard, Red cardboard, Gray paperboard, PVC sheet, Foam board, EVA board, KT board, Sticker, Gasket etc.


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