Paper finishing easy and convenient paper outlet middle baffle design,
meet the paper collection after different indentation.


Product name Digital Creasing and Perforating Machine ACP1326
Function Creasing, Perforating
Creasing Tool 0.5mm / 1 mm Thickness
Paper Type Chrome, laminated, UV coated etc.
Min. Creasing Distance 1mm
Min. Distance from the Edge 5mm
Paper Length 150-900mm
Paper Width 210-330mm
Paper Loading Capacity 100mm
Creasing Thickness 70-350gsm
Perforating Thickness 70-250gsm
IWorking Accuracy 0.2mm
Working Speed 4000 sheets/hour(A4/1 crease)
Program 0-32 in one pass, 30sets
Feeding Type Automatic Air Suction Feeder
With Cabinet yes
Power Supply 110/220v, 50/60hz, 200w
Machine weight N.W.78kgs G.W,:85kgs
Stand box(L*W*H) 560x670x640mm (Option
Product Size 1550mm(L)X560mm(W)X480mm(H)
Consumables Perforating Blade / Creasing Blade 1mm / Creasing Blade 0.5mm
Cutting tool Installation

The dotted knife is on the top, The tip of the dashed line is below.
The groove of the identation knife is on top, The identation tip is below.

Upper Suction type Automatic Feeding

Professional production paper feeding structure, whether it is copperboard paper, ordinary paper, laminating paper, coated paper all smooth paper, no leakage of paper, not double sheet.

Tool Storage Position

The machine is standard equipped with 3 sets of cutting tools 1 set of 1MM creasing knife, 1 set of 0.5 MM fine creasing knife, 1 set of dotted knife, Easy and fast replacement.

Paper Thickness

Automatic feeding, simple and convenient save labor

Safety Cover

To protect the safety of operations and machinery Easy to open.

Rough Feed Beam

Improve the indentation accuracy Ensure indentation 1 million times without deformation

Intelligent LCD Panel, quick setting

Software system with push button input and LCD display. No paper jam automatic detection, quick setting of indentation position, speed & other parameters, without professional training can be operated.

Air Volume Adjustment

According to different paper, by adjustment the clearance under the paper inlet belt and the air volume, the automatic feeding effect can be achieved smoothly.

Indentation Skew quick adjustment

By adjusting the knob change the vertical Angle of the feed baffle.
Reaching the adjustment of the paper skew, so as to correct the skew of indentation.