• Lamination
  • Metallic Foiling
  • Holographic effects
  • Auto feeding with air suction.
  • Pneumatic auto separation.
  • The anti-curl bar allows thin lm laminates to be at.
  • Mirror chrome heating roller.
  • Thermal or Cold laminating.
  • Touch screen display system.
  • Digital foiling.
  • 2 rolls lm installation.
  • Adjustable electric hydraulic pressure system.


Automatic roll laminator CFL-390A is an innovative laminating system designed for laminating. This model is available in 390mm width. The CFL-390 automatic roll laminator gives the exibility of single sidelamination, providing an aordable and eective solution, compared to outsourcing. The CFL-390A automatic
roll laminator is one of the best single sided thermal laminating machines available in the market. They’re simple to use, easy to maintain, quick, and reliable.

Automatic roll laminator CFL-390A are compact and environmentally-friendly, dual laminator and foil-aring devices, designed to oer an in-house decorative eects solution for short-run, on demand digital applications, as well as lamination for traditional lithographic offset output too!

Automatic feeding & Automatic separation help release operators hands, increase their eciency & save their time. 10-15 meters per min can satisfy most of on demand digital applications. Foil rewinder allow customers to make foiling on digital printings. Heavy duty hydraulic laminator guarantee daily workings in

Pressure Adjust Scaled
Foil Option Scaled
Automatic Vaccum Feeding Scaled

Functional Features

  1. Mirror chrome plating roller, oil heating;
  2. Touch screen human-computer interaction display system;
  3. DC speed control system;
  4. Electric hydraulic pressure system, lm pressure adjustable;
  5. Full automatic paper feeding control system, can overlap;
  6. Pneumatic automatic cutting system;
  7. Curling-preventing device, preventing laminated paper from curling;
  8. Film slitting device;
  9. Bronzing winding device.
  10. Automatic stop function for paper shortage.